The release of newest "Z" drives has happened!


The Z-Series family of servo drives have been designed to be integrated into your PCB and come in multiple architechtures with features previously found only in larger drives.

The Z-Series is a culmination of recent advances in manufacturing technology.  By utilizing dual sided PCB boards, high density power devices and creative design we are able to make the Z-Series possible.

Wish the Z-Series was available on your last project?  Want them for your next project?  Compare...


These servo drives are becoming one of our most popular series!

PCB mountable drives started out as a customer request, but when we realized the inherent value and flexibility of this design, we decided to expand the Z-Series family to be a universal solution.  Imagine hooking up a servo drive with no wires!  Just incorporate the Z-Series into your PCB machine design and you will have an unbeatable motion control solution.

Z-Series servo drives are already used in critical applications where high performance and accuracy are essential for success.  The versatile Z-Series drives have already found their way in the following applications (to name a few):


  • Actuators
  • Transfer Lines 
  • Packaging Machines
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Machining Centers
  • Medical Devices
  • ...and many others!

For more detailed information and data sheets, please visit our dedicated Z-Series page at our website.  Or contact your local Regional Manager at