Our customer base is diversified over many industries which has given us a broad range of experience. This experience enables us to quickly find a solution to your problem even if we haven't seen your particular problem before. We can do this by utilizing our previous experiences in other industries to help predict the best solutions to new problems. Many customers are pleasantly surprised when we quickly provide solutions to tough problems! Advanced Motion Controls has intimate knowledge and experience with the following industries. You are in good hands when Advanced Motion Controls is your servo supplier.


 Assembly Automation

 Automated Guided Vehicles

 Automated Inspection

 Automatic Storage and Retrieval



 Computer Peripherals

 Converting Conveyor Systems

 Custom Machines

 Electric Mobility

 Electronic Assembly


 Factory Automation

 Food & Beverage

 Health and Fitness



 Machine Tool

 Material Handling






 Printing and Publishing


 Robotics / Entertainment

 Robotics / Industrial Security





 Wood Working